5/6/2016: Photo of the Day


Notice the dramatic lighting here. Natural light can be used to create fantastic pieces of art! The perspective of this shot also brings a unique element to the way it makes you feel.

The image seems to communicate a journey of some kind; as you look to the center of the photo you feel as if you are moving towards some ultimate goal. Photography, much like every other form of art, is up for interpretation. The photographer/artist usually has a mission in mind when they take the shot, but ultimately it’s up to the viewer to interpret how the image makes them feel and what they get out of it.

Check out this guide on interpreting photography: http://www.terrybarrettosu.com/pdfs/B_PriIntPho_10.pdf

Therefore, that is the key in order to properly benefit from the art of photography. Most seem to believe photography is a more structured art form, yet it actually is one of most least so. Because photos are capturing things from the world around us, there is unending complexity to what is captured. The world around us is something that on which it has the highest number of varying perspectives.

Let a photograph consume your thoughts & emotions, and the rest will come. You will know and understand what the image is meant to communicate to YOU.

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