Our Earth. Few things are more beautiful. One can get better perspective on his/her problems and strife in everyday life by remembering how big the universe is. The scale of everything around us is much more significant than any small thing we may be dealing with on a daily basis.

Perspective is everything. Remember, we are just one tiny, small part of the incredible universe. I say that not to make humanity seem insignificant and unimportant, but actually the opposite. As far as we currently know, there is only one Earth like ours and only one human race like ours. We are special. Let’s remember it and cherish every moment we have on this splendid space-rock.

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Mechanical Complexity and Aesthetic Beauty


Cars, bikes, and planes. The epitome of human ingenuity and creative prowess. The photo of today is a Yamaha R6, one of the most beautiful, well built, and best-selling sportsbikes of all time. It combines the most recent technology with the simplicity and straightforwardness of a classic sports/superbike.

Motorcycles signify something more than just a love-child of technology and beauty. These incredible machines represent freedom. There is no more liberating feeling than sitting on a fully-gassed, well-maintained, beautiful machine that has the capacity to take you wherever your heart desires and as fast as your mind will allow.

Freedom. Beauty. Complexity. Agility. Speed. Brute force.

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Carpe Diem

Just a reminder, all photo credit for all photos featured on this site is to the photographers/artists themselves. We at don’t take any credit for any of our featured pictures, unless otherwise noted.

This one brings about a lot of unique emotions with it. Starry skies to me have always been an immediate reminder that we are but a small part of a much larger picture. Our world is one filled with beauty and splendor, but again, there is so much outside of our Earth. It’s a clear reminder not to sweat the small stuff. No matter one’s religious beliefs, it’s clear that life is a gift and a blessing. Seize it with every ounce of your being, and make the most of every second, every minute, every hour, of every day. Of every week. Of every month. Of every year. You’ll never get another try at a specific day in history; let that be a constant motivator for you to achieve your goals.

Good riddance, and good night, friends.


epa03318030 The milky way shines at night at around 1 AM, on the Stanserhorn, 26 July 2012, in Switzerland. EPA/ALESSANDRO DELLA BELLA CAPTION CORRECTION: CORRECTS TIME IN CAPTION OF epa03317985 NO SALES/NO ARCHIVES

A starry night…

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5/6/2016: Photo of the Day


Notice the dramatic lighting here. Natural light can be used to create fantastic pieces of art! The perspective of this shot also brings a unique element to the way it makes you feel.

The image seems to communicate a journey of some kind; as you look to the center of the photo you feel as if you are moving towards some ultimate goal. Photography, much like every other form of art, is up for interpretation. The photographer/artist usually has a mission in mind when they take the shot, but ultimately it’s up to the viewer to interpret how the image makes them feel and what they get out of it.

Check out this guide on interpreting photography:

Therefore, that is the key in order to properly benefit from the art of photography. Most seem to believe photography is a more structured art form, yet it actually is one of most least so. Because photos are capturing things from the world around us, there is unending complexity to what is captured. The world around us is something that on which it has the highest number of varying perspectives.

Let a photograph consume your thoughts & emotions, and the rest will come. You will know and understand what the image is meant to communicate to YOU.

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4/15/2016: Photo of the Day

The theme today is transition and change. Change can come about at very unexpected times throughout one’s life. The cliche, “Expect the unexpected” rings so true from my experience. I just had a pretty dramatic change that shook me quite a bit, but the past few years I’ve trained myself to have a plan, but roll with the punches. And the punches do come. Hard. Very hard. Roll with them, take some, give some back. Stay strong. Carry on. Embrace what live sends your way with open arms:

Speaking of transition, check out my good friend’s moving company out in LA that he owns! He’s worked very hard on building this business from the ground up.

Until the next photo!

Peace out!

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The Beauty of Our World Through A Lens

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